Wednesday, October 04, 2006


What is a mashup, you say? This is a mashup. Innovative. Simple. Functional. User-friendly. To view pictures or videos, just click on a country (Google maps) to reveal a filmstrip view of the images (Flickr) and videos (Youtube) that are available for that country. Since all one needs to do is to tap on the thumbnail so that the video starts playing right on the map, we never even need to leave the map interface. (How nice!)

As this example reveals, there's nothing very revolutionary about mashups. The technology is there. The real ingredients comprise a pinch of creativity and a cabinet of curiosity.


Dean Giustini said...


There's spot reserved for you on the Health library wiki for mashups. Could you consider (would you consider) a "stub" of a few sentences and this interesting geographic link for the entry?


Allan said...

Hi Dean,

Absolutely. I'm looking forward to it.

Dean Giustini said...

Check out Megan's post on mashups. Dean

cocoricamo said...

that's AWESOME (though my work productivity probably just got hacked in half). have you seen this mashup yet? they're tracking heat patterns from traffic --

Allan said...

Very interesting! Thanks very much for the link. Much appreciated. It looks very cool.