Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Registration for Courses

I just registered for courses today from the UBC registration website. It's an awfully competitive process! Because SLAIS has so many students, with such a limited number of spaces, not everyone gets what he or she wants. For example, I logged in at 8:18am, comfortably believing that I'd have absolutely no problem in getting into the classes I want (and need), but lo and behold, the first course on the top of my list, LIBR 534 - Health Sciences Librarianship - was filled up within 3 minutes of the registration opening (at 8:15am). There are 22 spaces in the course; that means 22 other people registered for the course in a span of 3 minutes. Amazing!

My theory is that people woke up hours in advance, with their coffee and newspaper in hand, next to their laptops and home PC's with their alarm clocks. And somehow I missed the boat! Nonetheless, I've been put on the waitlist. (I should be able to get in from now till Sept 5th hopefully).

Here are the other courses I have registered for. I might not necessarily take all of them; but I'm told it's good idea to hang onto to all the ones I can take, just in case. And worry about what to take when the day comes...

LIBR 504 - Management of Information Organizations (required) - taught by Lisa Hussey
LIBR 520 - Collection Management (not required, but I'm told it's important to take)
LIBR 572 - Information Consulting (who knows, it might prove useful one of these days)
LIBR 511 - Cataloguing and Classification (never hurts to know a bit more about cataloguing)
LIBR 535 - Instructional Role of the Librarian (I believe in teaching!)
LIBR 548G - Genealogy for Librarians (1 credit weekend course)
LIBR 577 - Special Libraries
LIBR 530 - Subject-Based Information Services
LIBR 539A - Specialized Materials: Government Documents
LIBR 539G - Specialized Materials: Business Reference

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Jeremiah said...

You are right! Instructional skills are important as a librarian.

Consider taking a TAG (Teaching and Academic Growth) workshop on Graduate Student Instructional Skills.

I took this workshop and other SLAIS students have completed it.