Sunday, May 28, 2006

BMB Library

Very excited to see the new Biomedical Library moving to its new digs right across the street (or even less) over the next few months. I have been lucky enough to get a Student Assistant position at the BMB, so I'm working there for May and hopefully, longer, if there're any spaces.

Here is what the existing BMB looks like.

And here is what the new BMB will look like once it's up and running in August.


Dean Giustini said...


Nice to see you enjoy the blogging.

The picture at the top is the Woodward Biomedical Library (not BMB). You might try copying the jpg from the BMB site.

cheers, Dean

Allan said...

Thx Dean. No wonder it looks somewhat unlike the BMB that I've been going to the past few months. Thx for the pointer.