Tuesday, June 13, 2006

New Book

Need a break from LIS stuff. At the core of what we do, the book still remains the front and centre. It's what initiated our pursuits in this field, and sometimes, I feel that we get lost in the forest, and lose perspective on the importance of a good read.

Recently, I read Dean Koontz's Velocity. My fascination and admiration of Koontz has skyrocketed ever since the book. I just couldn't put it down, couldn't turn the page fast enough. Certainly, Koontz is no literary genius, but his prose is witty, entertaining, and eloquent.

I've always been a closet Koontz fan. I've read his Frankenstein series; I'm eagerly anticipating the finale of his trilogy, which is delayed, oddly enough.

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Dean Giustini said...


I notice that you are blogging about all kinds of LIS topics. What does the literature say about blogs and "reflective practice"?