Friday, July 27, 2007

Academic Library 2.0

Ellyssa Kroski, Reference Librarian at Columbia University, has just come out with a fantastic article on using Web 2.0 for academic libraries. The Social Tools of Web 2.0: Opportunities for Academic Libraries explores the social tools of Web 2.0 and their potential applications for academic libraries by focusing on four main types:

(1) Content Collaboration (wikis and online office applications)

(2) Social Bookmarking (Connotea,

(3) Media Sharing (Youtube, Yahoo! Video)

(4) Social Networking (Facebook, MySpace)

Take a look! It's well worth the read.


Anonymous said...

Wow, thanks Allan! Love your blog - just subscribed.

Allan said...


You're welcome. I'm glad you enjoy my musings. I liked your article a lot. Well-written and it fleshed out some excellent ideas about the possibilities of Web 2.0 for academic libraries. Best I've seen so far!