Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Web 3.0? How about 4.0?

Not surprisingly, some people are disturbed with Web 2.0. What is it? What makes it so different from Web 1.0? What is Web 1.0? It is understandable that there is anxiety, coupled with a certain element of skepticism.

With that said, I introduce to you Web 3.0. What is it? Phil Wainewright, a technology expert, believes that Web 2.0 is but a "transitional" period proto-Web 3.0 stage, where the best is yet to come. What do I think? Be careful what you wish for. Sooner or later, Web XP will be the latest version of the web that you and I will be using...


Dean Giustini said...


Web or Library 2.0 is a liminal state, is it? I like that idea.

Perhaps that should be the name of my new blog?


Allan said...


The Liminal Librarian? It does have a nice ring to it (if I didn't get that wrong).

Although try saying that three times quickly! But yes, you make an excellent point in terms of what Web (2.0) is...