Thursday, September 07, 2006

It's here! (Finally)

Something looks different with Google Scholar. I had a quizzical frown when I made a search on Google Scholar. Along with the usual result hits was a "related articles" feature which look surprisingly similar to PubMed's. While its citation analysis feature matched Web of Science's, Google Scholar had always lacked a function which allows searchers to find related articles.

But it's here now! And it's here to stay! The searching just got a little easier, and much more comprehensive. To read more, you go to Google's Blog for further analysis.

And if you look closely, Google's blog has linked this posting. Amazingly, it only took a few hours for them to crawl it, too.


Dean Giustini said...

Hi Allan,

Have you decided when you are going to announce your health library persona? Is this the post?


Allan said...

Hi Dean,

I unfortunately signed up to the list serv late. So I haven't had a chance to realize that I am supposed to have a persona.

Will announce it very shortly.